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From Hospitals and Cardiac Yoga Graduates

H. Lee Kanter, M.D.
Sentara Northfolk General Hospital

Your ability to teach cardiac rehab personnel how to teach Cardiac Yoga even if they had never done yoga before is masterful. We have successfully implemented cardiac yoga classes using our current rehab personnel who went through your teacher training program. I compliment you on your achievement with this program and fully support its widespread implementation.

I found the experience so personally beneficial that I try to do yoga and a brief meditation everyday before work. So I not only recommend your program to facilitate teaching patients these positive lifestyle changes, but also for the healthcare workers with their daily stress loads.

Sandra McLanahan, M.D.

Dr. Cunningham is an extraordinary teacher and communicator who can help enrich your life. She presents the latest information about lifestyle and health in a such a remarkable, knowledgeable and engaging summary, everyone can benefit and be inspired. I most highly recommend Dr. Cunningham.

Cynthia Moore, MS, RD, CDE.

Mala has expertise and in-depth knowledge of yoga, neuroscience, and the practices of enhancing mental and physical health. Her wisdom and guidance is steeped in deep personal practice and direct guidance from years of study with yoga masters and neuroscientists. Her teaching is precise, [and her] guidance is result-driven. People transform when they take part in Mala’s classes and workshops. She is the real deal—best of the doctorate in psychology paired with dedication to interpreting yoga wisdom and science.

Ina Stephens, M.D.

Mala Cunningham is a wonderful teacher and therapist with a wealth of knowledge in the field of yoga therapy and neuroscience. Yogic practices, including mindfulness and meditation, have been shown to positively influence emotional regulation, depression, anxiety, healing, and resiliency. Mala is an outstanding communicator, and is able to convey these practices, insights and theories to her audience clearly and effectively.

Dennis L. DeSilvey, M.D. (Cardiologist)

It is my great pleasure to give my strongest recommendation to Dr. Cunningham. Dr. Cunningham is an excellent teacher and communicates beautifully with her students. She has been instrumental in the organization and development of the Cardiac Yoga program and has taught this program throughout the United States. It can only be my pleasure to give Dr. Cunningham my highest recommendation for her teaching skills and the commitment to the work that she does.

Ms. Joann S. Brough, Director
Cardiac Services
Sentara Healthcare
Northfolk, Virginia

Sentara Healthcare contracted with Dr. Cunningham to provide a Cardiac Yoga course for members of our cardiac rehabilitation staff. The evaluations from this program were excellent and Dr. Cunningham presented this course in an organized and professional manner. I highly recommend Dr. Cunningham’s Cardiac Yoga Program to others.


M. Mala Cunningham, Ph.D., C-IAYT

is a leading speaker, educator, and trainer in the field of Lifestyle Medicine, Health Psychology, Neuroscience, and Medical Yoga. Her passion is creating a bridge between medicine, psychology, neuroscience, yoga, and mindfulness. Dr. Cunningham is the Founder and Director of the renowned training programs Cardiac Medical Yoga; Hospital Bed Yoga; and Limited Mobility Yoga. She is on the faculty of the University of Virginia School of Nursing and is also the President and CEO of Positive Health Solutions.

Dr. Cunningham has a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin / Madison in Counseling Psychology and did post-doctoral work in Health Psychology & Behavioral Health. She has a private practice in Charlottesville, Va. & has also been a business and hospital consultant for over 25 years.

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